Welcome to Asheville Carnelian!

Carnelian is a stone that represents creativity and as an artist with many creative loves, this is a favorite! I often feel a societal pressure as an artist to 'just be one thing' and while it would be a much easier life to narrow it down, that just ain't me! Carnelian helps me remember to stay true to my creativity and follow my intuition. My husband and I just moved to the Asheville area, and being as how this website is a place where all my creative loves come together, Asheville Carnelian felt like the perfect name. :)

At the end of the day, I think my purpose on this planet is to create-- not to get tied down in the fear of putting myself out there, the comparison of others or the pressure to be commercially successful, but to just create. The process is what brings me joy and fills me with purpose. And if I can share that inspiration with others, I'd be the happiest lass in Craig na Dun.  ;)


I'm originally from upstate New York but have lived all over the country.  I moved to Los Angeles in my 20's for acting and comedy. I've also lived in Chicago and the mountains of Washington where I met my husband. We now have a 2 year old baby girl named Ruby Clementine and just moved to the Asheville area in October 2019 with our two cats (Thomas and Sophie) and our dog (Sadie).  We have also newly acquired three chickens and a duck with our property which I couldn't be more thrilled about! I'm so excited to explore the city, mountains and share all of my adventures with you! Not to mention make some wonderful new friends.  :)

Finally, I'm always looking to collaborate on fun and interesting projects. If you're an Artist/Creative, be sure to reach out! Previously, I've worked professionally as a baker, writer and photographer. I currently work as a stay at home mom. It's by far the hardest job I've ever had! This website will be a much needed outlet until I have bigger chunks of time to devote to my own business.


I hope being here has left you feeling inspired. xoxo

All the love,



My favorite color is red.

I also go by 'Mandi' but Amanda means 'worthy of love' and I'm doing my best to own that!

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. *swoon*

According to Pottermore, I've been sorted into Gryffindor and my patronus is a red squirrel.

I currently have an unhealthy obsession with TVLand's 'Younger,' Starz 'Outlander' and anything apocalyptic like AMC's 'Walking Dead!'

I am a holiday FREEEEEAAAKKKK.

I'm a certified Reiki practitioner.