A Year Ago...


It's hard to imagine that I took these photos a year ago. Lliam was in Asheville starting his new job. I was in Twin Peaks, CA packing up the house and caring for our little one.

I can't believe she was this little just a year ago???!! What a TUB!! :) :) :)

There were a LOT of hard days during that time... (they all seem laughable now, lol, who are we kidding)... But I remember this was a good day. :)

I had bought Ruby the cutest little strawberry bathing suit and we finally got to use it!

She LOOOOVES the water...

She still makes this face a lot... "Mom, are you kidding me, right now?"

She's just the most precious goober of all time. I love her to pieces. I could smooch those cheeks foreverrrrrrr!!!

Going back through some of my photos last night, there are a ton I haven't posted. I'm going to try to post more of those. I know my fam can't get enough of my kid, sorry to the rest of you. lol

I'm so grateful I found these because I forgot she looked like this! I had tooootally forgotten she had no hair for the longest time!!

Can you imagine?? Now she's all crazy curls, God help us!

"Oh, yeah... Get my belly."

My kid as Bill Murray. lol

There is nothing more wonderful than seeing pure joy on your kid's face.

It was late afternoon. I was overwhelmed. We decided to switch the energy and get her in her pool. She was having soooo much fun... and we needed it!

It's hard to believe that a year has gone by. It feels like we just got here. It feels like 50 lifetimes have passed. I was doing my best to stay afloat then-- ha! Who'd have thought the year would turn out the way it did.

This girl... Every mother knows this face in their own child and what a gift it is.

Omg... she's violently happy here, lol...

My precious little petunia... I'm too tired to cull these by the way, I'm just posting them all. Who cares. It's day 2 million on the island.

Remember this forever...

Remember this forever...

Remember this forever...

In gratitude...


Mischief managed! :)

"It's me."

It is you, baby girl... I can't wait to see who you become. xoxo

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