Anniversary Ice Cream

Last night for our pre-anniversary, we went to our favorite ice cream shop: Mills River Creamery and had takeout from Cono Sur, a Latin Fusion Restaurant that is right next door. (The food is delicious and the man who owns it is a gem!) We popped the trunk of the ol' Mazda Tribute and sat in the back while it poured outside. The whole day was insane (Rubes and I also drove to Dry Falls the same day-- stories for another blog) but I don't think I'll ever tire of watching her eat ice cream. :)

Ruby smiling eating ice cream

But this is YEAR AGO (???!!!) when we were visiting Asheville and decided to move here. She was just a whittle baby... And look at that BALD head??? Hahaha!!

Such a sweet tooth this one...

Now she can hold her own cone with a full head of hair. She's soooo big, it's just not fair!!

Who's cleaning this kid up?!

Papa came straight from work, too...

We're just SO excited about ice cream time...

This is what she does when I ask her to smile... lol I'm not sure what this face is but I think I made it to as a kid! She's trying to figure it out. Or eat and smile at the same time. Ha!

After all the rain and driving all over the area, we were humid, damp and gross. I have bandages on my face from a little skin cancer surgery. I have another one scheduled for July. But aside from cost of the damn things, it's not a cancer that spreads to other organs so I'm super grateful for that. No need for concern there! I just look awfully purty in the meantime. ;)

While we were waiting for our food, Ruby found a hat in our nasty car and put it on even though it's hot and humid. *facepalm* Toddlers are their own kind of weird, man. lol

Then she proceeded to crawl all over the crap in the car because it started to rain and she wanted to be outside and play in it.

Her and Papa went for a walk in the rain. :)

It was an insane day... I ended up getting lost on the way home up on the Blue Ridge Parkway in fog with no cell service. Whoopsie! At least I can say I got to see Lake Logan... I just couldn't tell you again where it is. ;) Happy Anniversary, Hon. The thing we do for great ice cream!

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