Do the Hard Thing

Dear You,

You wake up and there is a longing. An aching. There is something you've promised yourself you would do but can't seem to take the reins. Empathy, lethargy, apathy... You've turned to vices and habits, negative mindsets and doubts. You've done the easy thing, staying stuck. Staying hopeless. Staying in a prison of immutability. And for these things, your life has stagnated and it feels impossible to move forward. But there's a cost.

Doesn't it feel terrible? This void? This disappointment? Aren't you tired of being tired?

The energy is changing. It's divine timing. It's is time, love, to get moving. To come out of your shell. To try for something. The world needs you. All of you. Your talents, your gifts. The world is in great need of your vulnerability, your determination, your strength, your leadership, your tenderness.

You ARE lovable. Worthy. Capable. Of a successful career. Of abundance. Of healthy relationships. You are capable of diving deeper into yourself to conquer your worst fears. To go above the mundane to find the light. To find your glory-- your divine glory. You are a part of God. You deserve this.

The energy is changing. Let yourself be moved. Change. Transform. Rise from the ashes. Be who you've always wanted to be. Step into your power and breathe in your wholeness. Show the world the real you. You will always be human but the time of brokenness is over.

Know your power and do the hard thing.


The Universe

The energy of July is really about stepping into a new life for ourselves. What once was can no longer come with us. Where we were stuck, we are asked to change. The energy is right, the timing perfect. These negative mindsets manifest themselves in our lives in a myriad of ways. Habitual feelings of unworthiness & unlovability. It keeps us dating the wrong people or questioning whether or not we're liked. It keeps our health on the backburner to find comfort in things that don't serve us. It's giving in to the expectations of friends & family rather than stepping into our own. It's being great at career and shit in relationships or vice versa.

It's different for everyone. Only you know what it is for you. But for most, there is a 'thing.' And this 'thing' keeps you living a small existence, the life of someone you're not. The feelings and the sentiments are the same:

I'm not that guy/girl.

I guess I just wasn't meant to change.

I don't deserve love.

I'm unlovable.

It's too hard. I can't do it.

etc. etc. etc.

This is a time we're being asked to do the hard thing. To dive as deep as a person can go. To take baby steps and do the work (therapy, journaling, mediation, manifestation, going within, etc) to recognize our patterns and make very real changes. There are a million ways to go about this journey. Do what resonates for you. But it is time. It is TIME. Do the hard thing.

BE who you were created to be. LOVE yourself with wild abandon. BELIEVE in your worthiness.

You're fully capable.

I believe in you.

Love, Mandi

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