Gardening at the Start of Quarantine

When quarantine had just started, and the idea of hunkering down for a week or two didn't sound so bad, we decided to put our garden together. Looking back, those days at the start of quarantine remind me of when the power goes out. It's exciting for an hour or two as you get out your candles and ghost stories, but by day 2 you're entirely over it and the ghost stories become real. It certainly has gotten real, hasn't it?

Just... love and light to everyone right now. Truly. More on the pandemic in a bit but in the meantime, here's an old blog I found that I never posted. It's partially updated... mostly not. ;) xoxo


My kid loves the mud... Forget toys (unless they're dinosaurs), just give her a bucket of mud, some water or poop (that was a fun day) and she'll entertain herself for hours.

But man, a lot has happened in the world since then, eh? It's funny, though, that when I feel like this (tired, angry, sad, tired, etc), I'm grateful my kid is covered in dirt. There's something grounding about it.

Have a childhood. Get your hands dirty. Organize mud pies. Enjoy the simplicity while you can, little one.

So while we've been renovating and I've been building my photography studio, we've thrown every box we've received onto our porch to sort for pick up later. We also have a decent pile of other stuff going for a garage sale (at some point? Bueller?) as well. For a good while, it looked like a total shit show.

Not to our delicate flower! Get in there with the cat fleas and boxed cardboard, bring some juice... It's a curly-haired kid's happy hour.

"How's it goin', Cliffy?"

"Not too bad, Norm."

Tilla, our little girl cat, doesn't mind the company, thank God.

The juice has kicked in. Party time! ;)

Sponsored by cheez its! (Which is funny because she's OVER THE MOON for Aldi's fake cheez it's and they're tastier and so much cheaper. So in my heart, I want to be sponsored by Aldi's and I'm cranky we're featuring Cheez-its here... This is how I know it's Day 1,000 of quarantine).

Seeing Ruby in a sweatshirt and pants here makes me want to run under the sprinkler! It is SOGGY here in North Carolina right now. Thankfully, we've gotten to make our own fun going berry picking and visiting various parks. But back to when it was cold enough to wear sweats at the start of this... Cooler weather sounds dreamy. I bet it'll be here before we know it.

For a pandemic, these were good days. We're struggling a bit right now. Lliam's back to home renovation working too much and Momma's watching Ruby too much. It'll be nice when we can all be outside again or spend a weekend together. August is going to be a crazy month.

My disabled sis is going to be moving in with us in September. We're trying to get our bathroom done so that when she's here and needs to quarantine we aren't all sharing the same bathroom. When Ruby naps, I'm upstairs on weekends painting her apartment. It's all stuff that needs to be done, fo realz, and I'm crazy grateful my sis will be here, it's just a lot right now. Like the week before Christmas. Which is going to be soooo weird this year, and will also be here faster than we know it! Ahhhhh! And yes, that is full on dirt in her hair...

Crazy grateful Ruby's too young to worry about going back to school right now. Holy crap... You poor mothers and teachers out there having to make decisions for yourselves and your family... Ugh! My heart is with you... I had no idea it would be all of this. Did you? Maybe Ruby did... I mean, look at that face!

Remembering the good ol' days of a few months ago, friends... More soon. xoxo

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