Happy Birthday Ruby Toots!

This has been an insaaaane week. Good insane! But insane, nonetheless. My husband's sister, 'Aunt Mary' came to visit and it was her birthday on Saturday. My mom, 'Mima,' flew in on Monday and she'll be here for three weeks. Tuesday was Ruby's 2nd birthday which she shares with my sister, 'Aunt JoJo.' Today is Valentine's Day and Monday is Lliam's birthday! My sister, Darci, calls me an Aquarian Whisperer-- she ain't kiddin'! (ALL ALIENS! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YA!!)

So, I am crazy wiped... but here are a million pictures I took of my kid. This was back at Christmas but because I never shared them, I'm going to say they have a Valentine's Day feel. ;)

Photographing kids is incredibly easy.

They just sit there perfectly like little angels for hours.

Not really-- you take 2,000,000 photos and hope twenty come out. Then, you hope the mom likes ONE of those twenty. ;)

This is actually her one year old Christmas dress her Aunt Karen gave her that I crammed her back into cause I didn't take photos back then. SCORE ONE FOR THE BIFFER! Still fits pretty well?

When she's a crankmeister I always realize-- FOR SOME BLOODY REASON-- I have a tendency to take photos of her RIGHT BEFORE HER NAP. Excellent parenting...

But you take clothes off any baby and they're immediately happy! (Until you cram them into something else). ;)

This was supposed to be her Christmas dress until we forgot to put her in it because we suck at 'Instagram moments.' She's already bigger than this & it kills me. IT JUST KILLS ME!!

"You want me to smile with this tag, peasant?"

Ruby, act adorable...

Now act trepidatious...

Now act happy!

Now you're in a blind man's house & you're stealing his money... but the lights are off and you're in the dark...

Now ponder all of life's great mysteries...

Good job!!!

Now just be a happy baby despite the fact that your mom should have reduced her highlights more in editing!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUBY TOOTS!!! You are a corker... adorable.. smart... lovable... and a total crack-up. We love you more & more everyday and can't wait to see who you become!!

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