Justus Orchard

When we were living in the hotel, every morning, I'd try to find something for us to do while Papa was at work. Not too hard, there are a million places in Asheville to celebrate the fall. On one of these days, we decided to go to Justus Orchard, an apple, blackberry & pumpkin farm in Hendersonville. During the earlier weeks of the holidays they have Christmas trees & baked goods for sale. I really wanted to come back but we've nowhere to put a tree yet. But I'm jumping ahead... We're in December... I mean October... I mean... I don't even know what day it is. I'm 46 months behind. Ahhhh!!!

It was a drizzly, gross and chilly day. We were both pretty cranky but the fresh air felt good. I was excited to explore & just breathe a bit. Then when I went to change Ruby, I realized that in throwing the diaper bag in the wash, I didn't refill the diapers. I'm pretty meticulous about those kinds of things, trying to always set myself up for the best possible scenario wit her. I felt totally defeateeeeed. We were in the car for an hour, in farm country where a Target isn't exactly on every corner. No, No, NOOOOOO!!!!

The car was still full of crap-- ha! That's the best I can describe it. Stuff from moving, garbage... we were surviving, the car was the least of our concerns. And I somehow managed to find a single pair of 'swimmy diapers.' Having never tested them before, I threw those on her and hoped for the best!

This trip was ALL before Ruby's love for 'Spirit' and 'Free Rein.' She's super into tigers right now but she LOVES watching horse shows. Spirit on DreamWorks is great. It's animated and the girls are always having adventures and want to be outside. It's pretty cute, I really like the characters and the girls are super resourceful. I can definitely get behind that for my Rubes!

Lliam teases me, however... Ruby was asleep once and he came into the living room. "You know you're still watching your daughter's horse show, right?" I TOTALLY WAS and didn't realize it. Now I realize it... and I OWN IT. ;)

Free Rein is a family/kids horse show set in England about an American girl vacationing there for the summer. She has the 'magic touch' with a wild horse and chaos ensues as the kids in the stables have competitions, go on treasure hunts and one even becomes a duke! I know! Spoiler alert, you guys!! I've ruined everything for you!! And after watching all three seasons of Free Rein for probably the sixth time, I know WAY too much about the actors in this show and definitely, most certainly do not follow any of them on instagram. #INeedAdultFriends

One of the women who work at the orchard told us up the way were lots of barnyard animals. I thought Ruby would get excited about that so we made the light trek in the drizzly rain. I did not find barnyard animals but I did find a field with horses! That'll work!

It got colder & colder. I also didn't pack any mufflements for her because the weather was decent when we left the hotel. It was just fail after fail! But she was enamored with the horses... So as least if she was going to die of The Grippe, she'd die happy.

I kept trying to drag her away and she wasn't having it. She was tired & cranky, needed a nap (and a real diaper!) but noooo! Cause HORSES!!

I think this was one of the only smiles I got out of her all day!

On weekends, this place comes alive. There's rides & potato gun shooting & lots of fun activities for the kiddos. When I saw each one of the cows on the little trail ride was named after a variety of apple, and that one was named Ruby, I tried to get a picture of her with it.


Just Kidding!!! The second smile. Praiselelujah!!

Look at those chubby cheeeeeeeeks... !!!

This is my favorite picture of the day. She was such a stinker all day... bad apple is perrrrfect. ;)

And I'm counting this as her third stinker smile. Love her so much.

If you get a chance to visit the orchard, you definitely should! There are apples, treats and jams of all kinds. The folks who run the place are very friendly and I only regret we didn't come to pick apples ourselves... or on a weekend (or a nicer day)... (or without more diapers)... ;) And I'm even sadder we missed our opportunity to find a nice tree. They have a lot of wonderful events-- please check them out. :)

Before I go, let me tell you that swim diapers are NOT the same as regular diapers. (Duh). And I'll leave it at that. ;)

Okay, ladies and gents! That's a wrap today. It is another drizzly, gross day out so we're hunkering down with hot chocolate. I hope you all are enjoying the Christmas season! More to come soon so don't forget to subscribe if y'all haven't already. Cheers! xoxo

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