Living in a Hotel, Part 2

I've been crazy tired today. Almost fell asleep driving to Asheville to run errands- meep! I wasn't feeling 'my night out.' I wanted to stay in and watch The Great British Bake-off. (I'm rewatching all the episodes and taking notes. #NERDALERT). But the hubs said this was the best night to go and do my 'stuff' room-reno-wise and I should 'make it count.'

Sooo... here we are. :)

I think he wanted to watch his car shows. ;) Can't say I blame him, he doesn't get much tv time living with us girls.

So the hotel saga continues here... I was antsy. There was nothing to do. No money to spend. So I picked up the camera... This poor dog. That poor carpet. Our poor bare feet.

Rubes got herself in to all sorts of things. Whatever she couldn't destroy, I was like, 'GO FOR IT.'

The clutter, the chaos... we're still living in it a bit. Our bedroom is about two weeks out. Counting the days... BUT... I am NOT in this hotel room anymore and for THAT, I count MANY blessings.

Our little pork chop starting to wind down.

I think we were all feeling anxious. Ruby usually goes down to sleep around 7-7:30. Which means Lliam and I would also have to go to bed that early. So she stayed up a little later and we went to bed a little earlier. Compromise = We were all cranky.

Except this one pulls out a smile from heaven like she had reserves packed, knowing the life she was heading into with us.

And then it was time for babies to sleep. Up, down, up, down... physically, emotionally... They're little rollercoasters.

Sophie Badger don't care!

I just want to snuggle the hell out of her. AND EAT THOSE HAM HOCKS!!!!

This is a pretty low key blog tonight, campers. Are you guys amped up for Christmas or a bit tuckered from The Giving? I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are thriving in this holiday season the best way you know how. Much love... xoxo

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