'Mother's Day Portraits' Featuring My Husband

I told my husband that all I wanted for Mother's Day was a portrait session. I'm in the process of building my studio portfolio as most of my work was in Los Angeles shot in natural light with younger girls. In my new business here in Waynesville, I'd love to cater to everyone! So thankfully (he had no choice really), he agreed.

Finding the right wardrobe, however, was a bit more difficult. My husband is a mechanic so all of his clothing is ripped, thick, oil-stained or florescent- ha! I thought maybe he at least had a black or white t-shirt. But nope! We found something wearable, thankfully. Good thing he's cute. ;)

And yes, I definitely need to photograph him with when he comes through the door after a long day, covered in oil with big calloused hands. That's how I like 'em! ;) THAT, however, will probably have to wait til next Mother's Day. Ha!

Hope you enjoy! xoxox...

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