Moving to Asheville!

When I got pregnant, my husband and I were living in Washington. We decided to move to the mountains in California to be closer to family & friends in Los Angeles and other family in San Diego. We were hoping where we landed would 'hit the spot' but after a couple of years, the two hour drive into LA became too much. I was feeling incredibly isolated, lonely and depressed. Lliam wasn't feeling the area either.

But if not here, then where? And if not close to our friends and family, it better be reeeeally worth it. Lliam was thinking Utah for the snowmobiling and dirt biking adventures. I was feeling Vermont for the quaint and picturesque towns and artisans. But after some soul searching and thinking about our daughter, nothing felt right.

In exasperation I finally was like, "HON. Is there anywhere else you've ever considered living?" He said, "The only other place I've ever considered was the Asheville, North Carolina area. I road through there on my motorcycle 20 years ago. It's really pretty there."

Something struck a chord like a little bit of lightening. I think I'd heard of this place before. I immediately googled it and watched EVERY youtube video on Asheville. I immediately fell in love. It checked ALL our boxes. Amazing artist community, incredible food scene, the gorgeous mountains, a smidge of snow (though we'd love a ton more!), music, craft beer... *swoon*

We came to visit back in May (?) and knew this was the place. In June we formed a plan. Our house in Washington sold in a week. In July, Lliam packed up his stuff and in August, he headed out to start a job and look for a house. This left me with our daughter for two months with very little support. I was already burned out as a mom, so needless to say, it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

We finally found a house despite the crazy Asheville market and here we are in Waynesville! It's about 30 minutes west of West Asheville and has an adorable, thriving little downtown. As for our house, we bought a fixer upper so there will be lots of before & after photos coming your way. We only just moved in Friday but after nine nights in a hotel with the whole fam damily, I escaped this morning to launch my new website, write this blog and NOT hear the word 'mom' for two hours. *double swoon*

Getting the house in order is A LOT. I will never lie to you here. Ha! My space is VERY important to this empath so I still feel a bit like I'm drowning and trying to catch my breath. However, I'm doing my best to take it one day at a time as I know the rewards will be that much sweeter. I also majorly splurged on some All-Clad pots & pans, so that balms a majority of wounds. ;) *TRIPLE DOG SWOON*

So that's the scoop! That's our story! I'm crazy excited to explore this area. As much as things are in limbo right now, I LOVE this area. And I already love my new little coffeeshop. xoxox

Hot chocolate with oat milk and a view of the misty mountains? OKAY!! :)

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