Prepare Yo Selves (and Yo Elves)!

A week or two ago I had to make a return at a department store in Asheville. When I walked in I was met with a line that wrapped around the store like a buffet at Vegas. Surprisingly, they actually had full staff on register but it was just astoundingly busy. In my head, I couldn't help but think, "Holy crap, it's not even the holidays yet..."

This made me pause. Friends, countrymen, elves... Can we allow GRACE to be the word of the season? Tattoo it to our foreheads, maybe?

It's really imperative that we remind ourselves we've been through hell the past couple of years. It's important to remember that we've not had time to truly recover-- from our fear, from our anger, from our losses... It's been A LOT emotionally, spiritually, psychologically... ALL THE THINGS. Collectively, we need a solid five year nap where someone lovingly brings us a washcloth, or warm cookies and milk, pats our hand and tells us that we're safe now. That it's okay to rest from all of that. And I can't imagine that happening anytime soon! So without real recovery, we're most likely going to be reactionary.

Most places are understaffed and will remain understaffed. We are all tired and cranky, grieving what has taken place in our own lives, in our own ways. We need to allow for big old piles of grace and patience this year.

Maybe we can surprise ourselves with acts of kindness? Maybe we can be surprised by the kindness of others? Maybe we can look for goodness rather than fume. Maybe we can use our humor to deflect the craziness. Maybe we can look our check out person in the eyes and use their name with gratitude.

Maybe in our own households we can do our best to simplify the season. Maybe we don't need to stand in line for 4 hours for $12,000 worth of gifts that don't matter. Maybe we don't need to cook ALL the fixings. (I know, my own eye is twitching!) But maybe we can make it about finding peace and joy in the season, rest in the love and truths of the holidays... friends, family, starlight, sunshine, gratitude for all we have.

GRACE. Write it on your fridge. Post it in your car. Whatever you've got to do to remember to keep your actions chill and loving this holiday season... Cause truly, shit is probably gonna be CRAY. And wouldn't it be marvelous to knock it out of the park this year as humanity? To surprise ourselves with all we've learned about what really matters?

Just a quick thought as we begin our journey into festivities... Love and light to you all!

Oh! And I recently recorded a little Christmas song... I'm not a perfect singer, or trained by any means. It's also REALLY hard to watch myself sing. (BARF!) But I love to sing and have been trying to do it more. And to post creatively and sit in that space, even when things aren't perfect. It's a great song for the above sentiments. If you'd like to listen, you can do so here... Happy Holidays! xoxo

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