We are soooo almost getting there!! It is UNBELIEVABLE how bright this bedroom is with a little sheetrock, texture and primer. Lliam is going to paint this weekend and I couldn't be more PSOICHED, BRUHS!! ;)


At first, we were burning the candle at both ends. Lliam would come home after work and work on the room which left me with Ruby 24-7, which felt like death. The whole family ended up getting sick during/after Halloween and I turned to Lliam and was like, "Hi. This isn't sustainable." He agreed.

So we decided two nights a week, I would escape the house. I would go to Starbucks and edit photos, write, work on blogs, or go to the MOON if I wanted! Just... MY night. And that would also leave him with some time that wasn't renovation, where he could spend quality time with his daughter. It's been really good.

And this rooooooom... I just DAYDREAM about it. It's not super small but it's not super spacey either. Mostly, there's not a whole lot of wall space to put two dressers and a desk. So I think about that a lot. But at the end of the day... to wake up in an all white room with loads of light where I can ESCAPE and put on soundproof headphones and just work... AND finally be on a nice mattress in super comfy sheets.. AND have a little book reading nook where I can mediate and, and, and!!! OHHHHH, HAPPY CHRISTMAS, HARRY!!!


I want to scream "The end is fucking nigh!!!" (to quote '28 Days Later') but in this case, I'm okay with the apocalypse if it gets me into my Brooklinen sheets (we splurged). Ha!!! Soon... zombies... sooooon. (This analogy all makes sense to me). ;)

So, that's the scoop! Just sharing a little happiness because it's been a 'real' couple months. Ha! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!! And stay tuned!! So many holiday recipes coming up!! Ahhhh!!!! :) :) :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Gobblers!!

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