The Maiden

Four score & seventy five million years ago, in a mythical land called 'MySpace,' I wrote this humble little fairy tale. I'm surprised I wrote it then because I don't remember having much life experience under my belt at the time. Ha! With that said, it definitely resonates today and unfortunately, it's a lesson most women end up having to learn in one way or another. If this is something I can teach my daughter from the get go, I'd be pretty darn happy.

After having Ruby, I wanted to revisit it. It's always been in the back of my mind to write a series of fairytales for children to self publish for her. That sounds like a lot of work & I should really get cracking. ;) In the meantime, I hope you enjoy. xoxo


Once upon a time, in a land of gleaming sunsets and rippling streams, there lived a young and beautiful maiden. The maiden lived a very simple existence. Every morning she went about her daily chores. She milked the cows, harvested the grain and fetched the day's worth of water. They were mundane chores, but the maiden always did so with a smile on her face. She enjoyed finding unique ways to brighten the days of those she loved.

On on particular summer day a handsome prince was walking outside the walls of the kingdom and happened upon the maiden in the fields. He was stunned by her beauty and the maiden was taken with his charm. They shared many days together walking along the riverbanks and many nights dancing under the moonlight. He promised her he would never leave and she gave him her heart in return. When the kingdom got wind of where the missing prince had been spending his days the king quickly rode out to the maiden's house. His ruddy complexion turned purple as he shouted demands at his son! For a few angry moments the prince shouted back in return but all too quickly he was aboard the royal coach heading back to the kingdom. The maiden pleaded and declared her love over and over, but with barely a glance, the prince waved her off without a final goodbye. In tears of desperation, the maiden ran from her cottage and flung herself onto a rock crying by the riverbank until her cheeks were swollen and puffy. She stayed there for many hours sobbing into the night until she was found by a magical forest fairy. "Why so sad, dear?" the forest fairy asked. The ruined maiden explained what had happened with the prince and his casual dismissal. "He promised he'd never leave!" the maiden cried. "He told me he loved me!" The fairy looked deep into the eyes of the maiden and was quiet for a moment. Finally she asked, "Dear one, what did you see in this prince? I know the one you speak of, he is very charming. But how did he appreciate you? " "Well… he said he loved me, that I was more beautiful than his kingdom." The fairy nodded and her wings quivered in thought. "Did he ever mention your clever wit? Your passions or pursuits?" "No," the maiden replied. "Did he ever mention your brave and courageous spirit?" "No, Fairy. He didn't." "Did he happen to mention that you were a treasure because of your capacity to deeply love those around you?" "No, Fairy. He never mentioned any of those things." "Then, my dear, he didn't deserve you." In that moment a spry little tree frog found his way next to the maiden's hand. He croaked sadly, honoring her pain. The maiden quietly looked at the frog for a moment lost in deep thought. Suddenly she sat upward, scooping up the frog. "Fairy! You are the most magical of the forest creatures, will you please help me?! Make this frog into the perfect prince so I no longer have to live alone in this pain!" The fairy smiled gently at the maiden. With the flick of her wand she dried the maiden's tears and rosied up her cheeks. "No, my child. I cannot do that. But what I can tell you is this… Be your own prince." And with a dash of stardust the fairy was gone.

It took many months for the maiden to fully understand what the fairy had told her. But as princes came and went, as true love was lost & found, the maiden smiled brighter and laughed deeper all the days of her life having finally learned her worth. On her own two feet, making her own happiness, she would one day tell her own daughter to always remember the words of the magical forest fairy: "Be your own prince."

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