Waynesville Christmas Parade!

This past Monday night the Donohues took a much needed, well deserved break and went to the Waynesville Christmas Parade. We hadn't had the chance to do much in the way of holiday celebration so Papa met us after work on Main Street. :)

Things started off well enough with Ruby... (as it always does). ;)

She knew something was going on! I'd been hyping the parade all day. And can I just say, I love a night parade? I love the lights!! It feels more magical for some reason. Also, it reminds me of A Christmas Story. ;)

Awww... Kisses!!

And then ants in our pants begins... Also, she HATES wearing anything on her head. I should have tried harder when she was a baby- ha!

So Lliam walked her up and down the street, tried to tire her out a smidge.

But we were getting craaaanky...

Papa was tired, too. ;)

"This thing hasn't started yet. Can you believe this sh*t?!"

We were done.

Sometimes boogers are the only comfort.

But then... But THEN!!!



And we loved it too!! For being a small town, Waynesville really does an amazing job with their events. It was way bigger than I would have expected.

I rarely have the opportunity to shoot at night so it was fun to experiment. I started out with my flash and then had fun practicing my panning.

Everyone seemed to have a really good time!

Soooo many people from the community contributed.

A local floral shop!

This totally reminded me of the Winthrop balloons during winter when we lived in the Methow Valley in Washington.

Blues Brothers? ;)

Local high school kids. :)

After Halloween, Ruby knew she was missing out if someone passed her. She wanted the candy!! Ha!

Toy sellers! :)

Even the local dentists were in on the action! ;)

I'm not sure if it's called Color Guard everywhere but if I remember correctly, the flaggers/dancers? in our high school were a part of the Color Guard in our hometown.

I love their Christmas sweaters. :)

More candy for Rubes! (Oy vey)...

We were surrounded by really nice families that truly enjoyed the parade. The kids in front of us were super cute. They were all sharing their candy. Yay, Spirit of Sharing!! lol

The Hot Tub folks had a bubble machine, that when panned a smidge with a slow shutter speed turns into magical little streaks. Maybe bubbles are actually fairies. :)

High School Band doing their thaaang. :)

None of this is in focus but I LOVE the colors!!

Then the roller skating rink came out!! Who has a giant skate balloon in their Christmas Parade?! Our little town does! Ha!! :)

Before you even saw the skate, you saw these two girls come out doing splits on skates. Ummm.... crazy times!! And then these guys came out of nowhere and were 'breakdance skating.' That's what I'm calling it! Pretty impressive. :)

The Grinch!!

No idea who these people were but loved the creativity! People put a LOT of work into this thing and I had SUCH a good time! :)

And then Terminator 2 came out... lol

Local Towing Company or a Transformers Sequel?!!

It's a toss-up. :)

The Poor Grinch... Last I knew, he was doing so well?! ;)

This photo cracks me up. If only they were looking at this side! But then fact that they aren't... is both funny and interesting to me. :)

And this is my favorite photo from the night. Absolute nothing is in focus but I just absolutely love it. I think it's just because I love the vibrant colors? And the blurred lights almost look like snow? I don't know!

Throughout the parade, there are your typical ebbs and flows and the whole event lasted a good hour. By the end, everyone was ready for Santa. Santa, Santa, Santa... but he never came. Ruby was starting to get cranky again. It was her bedtime at this point. And then we look up and it's Santa passing by. Completely uneventful, it felt like he sped through. And I was like, "Aww, man. I've been hyping this dude for Ruby all night." But she was tired anyway, so whatever...

Well, I didn't even have my camera ready. So I barely caught him. But when I went to look at what I had in camera & begin editing, I felt like I caught a surprise! In life, Santa was entirely boring. Ha! But beneath the scenes-- sneaky, sneaky... was the magic! These photos are technically terrible but feel full of magic to me. :)

And capture Santa racing through the sky at night!

I was lucky to catch him at all!!! ;)

And there you have it! The Waynesville Parade! I so greatly appreciate the night we got to have out. It put us all in a good mood and our little family really needed that. Thanks, Waynesville! :)

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